3 Often Overlooked Benefits of New Windows

Today, thanks to breakthroughs in design and manufacturing, once-simple building components now boast a stunning level of sophistication. Here’s three benefits you may not have considered.

To stand the test of time—to look and perform their best over a span of decades—windows require care. How much? That depends on the frame. Older windows often need a lot of attention, not least because their wood frames should be refinished every three to five years to ward off rot and mold. Tired of all the hassle, many homeowners insist on replacement windows that demand little in the way of ongoing maintenance. Replacement windows from Hometown Windows will show you a new level of low maintenance!

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Once upon a time, if you were to put your hand to a window on a cold day, the glass would feel as icy as the temperature outdoors. You wouldn’t have the same experience today. With double or even triple paned construction, windows are able to deliver a degree of thermal performance increasingly on par with that of exterior walls. That said, some windows insulate better than others.
The high quality insulated window options installed by Hometown Windows stand out in particular because the cavities between their panes are filled with argon, a denser-than-air gas that insulates even further. Such innovations help to eliminate drafts and minimize energy loss, enabling homeowners to enjoy more efficient, less expensive heating and cooling. Interestingly, though, many of the same features that benefit household efficiency also usher in a secondary benefit—they reduce noise. Indeed, a window that blocks out uncomfortably cold or hot air also works to block out sound. Though homeowners rarely expect window replacement to result in a quieter, more serene indoor environment, that’s often the first thing that the homeowner notices once the new windows go in.

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Savvy homeowners know that window replacement typically calls for a corresponding investment in their home. Hesitant about spending the money? Don’t forget that you’re not the only one aware of the costs involved. Home buyers are too. In fact, it’s common for prospective buyers to walk away from homes whose windows would require replacement sooner rather than later.
It’s unlikely that you’d make immediate plans to move after replacing your windows, but when it’s time to sell, the preference for up-to-date windows can work to your advantage and could result in a faster or more lucrative sale.
New windows from Hometown Windows add considerable value. It’s true that not every home improvement offers a favorable return on investment, but window replacement does. That is especially true when you take into account the fact that high-performance windows help you to save each and every month on climate control which is in many cases the single greatest ongoing expense of homeownership.

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It’s likely that the biggest source of stress you’ll encounter as you embark on this major project will be trying to find and hire professionals you trust. We’ve heard plenty of horror stories about amateurs and crooks who either do a poor job or agree to do the work but never actually show up. As windows are critical to the integrity of any home, and because their performance depends on proper installation, it’s only prudent to do your due diligence and hire as responsibly as possible. Don’t know where to begin?

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