Decks & Porch Railings

Decks, porches, and railings are one of the most overlooked ways to increase the beauty, enjoyment and value of a home.
Decks provide a quick and very cost effective way to increase your living space. They provide more room for enjoying the outdoors, entertaining guests, dining out, and even relaxing moments under the sun and stars.

There are many decisions involved in starting your deck project. Where to build it, what the design should be, and what materials to use.
The location should be based on its purpose. Is there a view you wish to create an outdoor space to enjoy? Does it need to be easily accessible from a bedroom for privacy or close to the kitchen or living room to make entertaining more convenient?

The design should be one that compliments your home’s architecture rather than competing with it while it coordinates with the surrounding landscape.
In recent years many advances have been made in materials. It’s not all wood any more. Composites and vinyl decking offer many benefits like durability, more diversity in design, and they don’t get painfully hot to the touch on a sunny day.

There are also many material options for porch railings. Wood, metal, and vinyl each have their own unique design qualities and offer many ways to enhance the look of your home.

Whether updating/replacing your existing deck and railing or adding a brand new deck to your home, Hometown Windows is ready to help help answer all the questions and create a space you can enjoy.

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