Just as your roof protects your home from the rain by shedding rainwater to the gutters, the gutters protect it by collecting the rainwater and safely directing it away from your siding and foundation.

Gutters are the horizontal metal (usually aluminum) part of the system that are usually installed along the eave edges of your roof, or along roof features like dormers. Gutters are open at the top to catch rainwater flowing off the roof, directing it into the downspouts.

Downspouts are the vertical, closed sections of the gutter system that direct the water from the roof to ground level. Your drainage system guides the water away from your home’s foundation.

Both guttering and downspouts come in standard and oversized. Our professionals can evaluate your roof size and angle and help you determine what size is best for your situation.

If your gutters are sagging, leaking, or visibly damaged and your downspouts are broken or missing, it’s time to think about gutter replacement.

Hometown Windows professionals can evaluate the condition of your gutter system and help you determine if repair or replacement is necessary

It is important that your gutters remain clear and free from debris. Clogged gutters will force the water to spill onto the house and foundation and cause serious damage. We also offer a gutter guard system to help!

There are many size and color choices when replacing your gutters.

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