Perhaps no other building material plays such a key role in your home as siding. It protects your house against the harshest elements and is a factor in your home’s appearance, architectural character, and value. Contact us today for a free estimate and we will help you select the siding option that is best for your home and your budget!

Cost is an important factor, but here are some things to consider when selecting house siding (also known as cladding).

1. Water Resistance. Water-resistant types of siding will have longer life spans.

2. Energy Efficiency. Check the R-value rating for energy savings and understand what will be needed as far as insulation beneath the siding you pick.

3. Aesthetics. Your siding will be in full view as you come and go, so make sure it is beautiful to you.

4. Durability. Does your siding of choice have the strength to resist temperature shifts present in your climate? How does it stand up to everyday wear and tear?

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